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FOR RELEASE 9am 28/10/2019

London Underground treated to

anti-Boris makeover

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As the government brings a motion for a general election, London Underground was treated to an anti-Boris makeover this morning.

Ad-hacked posters appeared across the tube network exposing the Prime Ministers’ policies and campaign finances - and encouraging commuters to register to vote. 


In the same style as the #FckBoris demonstration on 24th July, when Johnson took office, the posters include facts about school exclusions, climate change, racism in stop and search, NHS waiting times and in-work poverty - as well as Boris’s aim to cut taxes for the richest 10%. 


Rosa, a FCKBORIS spokesperson said “On every issue that matters to ordinary people - on climate change, the NHS, poverty, women’s rights, racism - as well as on the Halloween Brexit that isn’t coming - Boris is a proven failure. He may be better at media spin than Theresa May, but it is worth remembering what him and his cronies really stand for.”


Each design includes a QR code encouraging commuters to register to vote in an imminent general election - the motion for which MPs discuss today. Rosa explained: “As MPs consider a general election, these ads are a small selection from Boris’s trash-heap of a track record. We took the streets, and we are encouraging tube users to register to vote so we can #KickBorisOut with every tool at our disposal.”





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