Boris Johnson is our Prime Minister. 

Boris Johnson - a proudly racist, sexist, homophobic prick - now controls a Government defined by its violent cruelties to people of colour, migrants, women and disabled people. 

A Government already responsible for the hostile environment, for Windrush, for Grenfell, for 130,000 austerity deaths, for doubling NHS waiting times and causing the worst in-work poverty since the Victorian era- is being led by a man who described Black people as “piccaninnies” with “watermelon smiles”, compared Muslim women to “bank-robbers” and “letterboxes" and referred to gay men as “tank-topped bumboys.”  

Boris Johnson, in his short time in power, has already announced his intentions to turn this country into an authoritarian hellhole.


PR spin about more NHS money was found to be fake


Big talk about ‘crime crackdowns’ exposed as ineffective, dangerous and racist


And now he has done a one-man power grab of Parliament, suspending it at will to force through a no-deal Brexit because it suits him, his career and his banker mates.  

We say: NAH.

We will kick this prick out of Downing Street.

From street parties to slapping an ‘X’ in a box in the polls - we will end Boris, every single one of his cronies, and everything they stand for.

Join us.